Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Ketamine Therapy Depression

Ketamine is now being used for depression treatment. Many suffer from depression and its symptoms, traditionally treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These drugs have many drawbacks, one important one is they do not work on some patients. Thus, doctors have to try this one, then that one until they find (if they can) the one that works. These traditional drugs have many side effects which are undesirable.

Ketamine is a new treatment for depression.

Indeed, Ketamine therapy for depression recently has been used for these conditions with reported success. However, how it works is still unknown, but speculation with some scientific backing, seems to support the theory of Ketamine as in a 2010 study published in Science suggests” that by blocking proteins called NMDA receptors, the drug prompts the brain to increase the production of synaptic signaling proteins in the prefrontal cortex – a region thought to regulate complex cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning”. This is different than common antidepressant medications. Interestingly, there is a belief that this treatment may result in the creation of new synapse in the brain – otherwise a re-wiring of neurons. If that is true, this certainly could explain some of the long-term effects after the Ketamine treatment has stopped.

Hawaii Clinic

Indeed, our clinic is very familiar with Ketamine and it has been in use by our medical director for over 30 years though not for depression. We believe the drug is safe with proper monitoring by experienced personnel. It is noteworthy that our experience with Ketamine treatment in the last year has been promising with many patients reporting remarkable results.

If you would like to discuss the use of Ketamine for depression, make an appointment at our clinic. It is also important to discuss this with your mental health professional and check to see if they feel you should try this route. We welcome feedback from your doctor if they want they can give us a call to discuss your case. We are always happy to speak with those who take interest in Ketamine for depression. We do accept patients by self-referral, but typically we require a review with a mental health practitioner.

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If your suffering from chronic pain, severe depression, PTSD and your interested in Ketamine infusion treatement, give us a call or email us!

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