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Are You Qualified to Give Ketamine Infusions?

Ketamine infusions can be administered by any licensed physician. Typically, psychiatrists, internists and even family doctors are those who are found to use ketamine for pain, depression and PTSD. Due to its anesthetic nature, many of the first ketamine clinics were founded by anesthesiologists, pain medicine specialists and surgeons with experience in general anesthesia. Our medical director is a surgeon with years of experience with ketamine as well as specialty training in nerve pain and treatment along with microsurgery.

Due to our familiarity with ketamine while used as a surgeon, we have turned our attention to using this drug as a treatment for many conditions in which traditional treatment has failed to work. Through our nursing staff along with doctors, we are able to provide a safe and comfortable environment to administer ketamine for a pleasant experience. Patients will be monitored with proper heart rhythm monitors, as well as oxygen saturation to ensure a safe experience. Should any complications occur, we are fully equipped with the proper medications and equipment to treat them immediately.

Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Safe for These Applications?

Unlike other anesthetic agents, ketamine does not interfere with the oxygenation of blood. In fact, many times the oxygenation of blood improves while ketamine is being infused. In addition, in low doses ketamine has been shown to have a bronchial dilation effect, improving overall breathing, and has also been used to treat severe asthma. Overall, ketamine has been in use for over 50 years primarily due to its safety profile. Those with heart and heart rhythm illness, however, may not be candidates for our program.

What Types of Conditions Does Your Clinic Have Experience With?

At our clinic we have experience with types of chronic pain issues such as RSD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), as well as other neuropathic/nociceptive pain syndromes. Our medical director has much experience with these conditions as he has years of experience as a micro-neurosurgeon, as well as a hand surgeon. In addition, we have treated cancer patients, whose pain may be of neuropathic or nociceptive nature. Our clinic offers natural pain relief techniques and much more than ketamine infusions for cancer patients. The one type of treatment we do not offer is narcotic/opioid based treatments. We are a specialty clinic for ketamine and natural pain relief only.

Chronic Resistant Depression, PTSD, and anxiety states are also treated at our clinic. Typically, this is done under the guidance of a mental health care professional. All patients who are not referred by a mental health care professional are referred to our psychiatrist to be cleared before the ketamine treatments can begin.

Is Ketamine Infusion FDA Approved for Depression, PTSD or Pain?

At this time, ketamine is an FDA approved drug for anesthesia and sedation, however, is not approved as a treatment for off label use. Much more study and research must be done in addition to a formal application to the FDA in order for it to become approved. Therefore, at this time, using ketamine as a treatment for depression, PTSD, or pain has not been approved by the FDA.

What Type of Preparation Should Be Undertaken to Achieve the Best Results in Your Clinic

The patient must be committed to the therapy in order to achieve the best results. Since every patient responds differently, we cannot predict how many sessions it will take for a patient to achieve their full potential. Through our many patients, we have found that most will require approximately 4-6 treatments and that most patients will respond positively after 3. Many factors affect how a patient will respond to treatment such as the history of pain medications, benzodiazepine and other medication use as well as how long the condition has been present.

At our clinic, we believe strongly in a more holistic approach in that we want you to obtain an overall optimal health. Thus, exercise, diet and certain nutraceuticals play an instrumental role in your optimal health. For instance, you cannot have good brain health if you have poor body health. The process of ketamine infusion is about re-growing new brain connections creating a new you, as opposed to other medications which may delay brain growth. Our approach is unique in that we offer many forms of pain and depression relief as well as other complimentary measures. Thus, we will not prescribe any traditional pain medications or psychiatric medications. This will be left to your pain care doctor or psychiatrist.

Patients should:

  • 1. Abstain from drinking and eating at least 4 hours prior to your ketamine treatment.
  • 2. Avoid benzodiazepines (valium) two weeks prior to treatment if possible.
  • 3. Ensure the patient can be picked up following the treatment. Infusion times may vary according to your individual treatment plan.

Should the Patients Continue Their Traditional Therapy?

Many ketamine patients can and are being helped with traditional therapies. We recommend that these patients continue those treatments helping them. Our clinic focuses on those individuals with TRD and those who are refractory to traditional therapies such as SSRIs or talk therapies. Beyond the three primary classes of patients we treat, we have found success in treating patients with drug problems such as alcohol addiction and those who poly pharm themselves for depression.

We do not prescribe medications, nor do we offer mental health services. We simply provide the technical treatment of Ketamine drips, similar to how a patient may be sent out for an ECT in the case of severe depression.

Will Insurance Cover Ketamine Therapy?

While some insurance carriers cover off label ketamine use, or non-FDA approved treatments, we are not aware of any insurance carriers that will pay for these treatments. If you wish to pursue insurance to reclaim your costs for ketamine infusions, you are welcome to do so.

How Much Does Ketamine Therapy Cost?

The cost for ketamine infusion is $750.00 for the first hour and $450.00 for each other thereafter. The average price for ketamine infusion is $500-$1000. This price includes the Doctor’s medical evaluation, supervision and consulting, the registered nurse who monitors your treatment, the required equipment, the supplemental medications as well as the ketamine itself. The highly technical nature, skills and close supervision required to conduct ketamine therapy dictates the number of patients our clinic can treat per day is low.

Ketamine Therapy Package

When paid in advance, our clinic offers a package of 6 ketamine therapy sessions for $4000.00.

Psychiatric Clearance

When needed, psychiatric clearance is typically around $475.00 for an evaluation. This evaluation is conducted by a Psychiatric professional with knowledge in ketamine treatments. If you are a patient referred to our ketamine clinic by a Psychiatrist, we assume you have been cleared for infusion therapy by the referring Doctor.

Follow-up Treatments

For best results, the majority of our patients require maintenance treatments. For most, a follow up treatment once a month is sufficient. However, each patient requires a separate treatment plan and thus, the time before a follow-up is required varies by patient.

Wellness Care

In addition to ketamine treatment, vitamin and mineral IV infusion therapy can also achieve very effective lifestyle results. Our lifestyle and general health evaluation charge is $275.00 (does not include specialized laboratory testing).

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