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Ketamine Clinic Hawaii in Honolulu offers ketamine infusion therapy for the rapid and effective treatment of major depressive disorders, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, alcohol and drug addiction as well as chronic pain. Research trials and clinical data have shown promising short and long term improvements in treatment resistant depression and relief from various substance addictions.

  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Severe Depression

    We treat depression with Ketamine protocols designed specifically for depression patients. Ketamine has known anti-depressant effects and may relieve this condition in some cases for the long term. There are no miracles, however, early published scientific evidence does show significant promise. None of these treatments are FDA approved and are considered as “off-label”, though Ketamine has been approved by the FDA as an anesthetic agent.

    Our clinic uses accepted outpatient protocols for Ketamine infusions for depression. All treatments are carried under proper monitoring by a very experienced physician in the use of Ketamine. Our comfortable rooms are designed for Ketamine infusion. If you would like to be considered for Ketamine therapy for depression discuss this with your mental health care professional and have them refer you to our clinic. Our clinical psychologist can evaluate you as well. It will be your decision if Ketamine therapy is right for you so do your own research and feel free to ask us questions.

  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Chronic Pain

    At our Hawaii clinic, we use Ketamine to treat chronic pain patients. The chronic pain patient may be at a loss to where to turn after trying many other therapies. We do not prescribe narcotics as a primary treatment, which can be addictive though useful on a short-term basis. We have found narcotics inevitably fail for long-term pain issues. Chances are patients who seek relief for chronic pain issues have already tried various techniques ranging from nerve simulators to daily narcotics which have failed.

    We do not believe Ketamine is the first-line therapy for pain, which should first be addressed in a more traditional approach. Our approach is very different because the mechanism by which Ketamine controls pain is very different. In fact, pain relief is by a mechanism not fully understood, but we do know the pathway is different than narcotics. If interested in our treatment options for chronic pain give our clinic a call.

  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy for PTSD

    If you have a primary diagnosis of PTSD and a score of at least 50 on the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) you may possibly benefit from Ketamine infusion therapy. Indeed, there have been several reports that Ketamine may help to decrease PTSD symptoms. One study funded by the military appeared in AMA Psychiatry. Published online April 16, 2014. This could be good news for many patients suffering from PTSD.

    We simply do not know if this will be standard treatment in the future or if some unknown side effects may emerge. Another study which appeared in JAMA Psychiatry showed even more promising results. If you would like to be considered for a trial of Ketamine Therapy at our clinic discuss this with your mental health care professional for a referral to our clinic. We will need a psychometric evaluation before therapy and studies following the therapy. We also can provide you A consultation with our clinical psychologist.

About Ketamine Clinic of Hawaii

Ketamine clinic of Hawaii is a specialty clinic for patients who seek relief from pain, depression, and PTSD when traditional treatments have been ineffective. We are not a traditional pain clinic nor do we take the approach of traditional pain clinics and physicians. Most of our patients have already been through the traditional approach and have been frustrated with not finding relief. We offer alternatives in various natural pain relief techniques and Ketamine.

We do not prescribe narcotics or any of the opioids as a standard treatment. In some cases, these medications may cause problems for you in the first place. Our approach is with more natural pain relieving interventions though we do use ketamine for many patients with Chronic Persistent Pain Syndrome (CPPS) and various medications for resistant pain syndromes.

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