Esketamine Nasal Spray

The FDA has recently approved intranasal ketamine brand name Spravato, the generic name is Eskatamine. This form of ketamine is given. Its very expensive compared to what we use at Infinity Life Center. Estimated first round of treatment is over 7000.00 which is much more than the intravenous ketamine which is around 4000.00 for the first round. For single doses the cost of Eskatmine is around 2000.00 while the intravenous form one treatment is 750.00 for depression. There is no generic form of Spravato.

How to Buy Esketamine Nasal Spray

At the Ketamine clinic of Hawaii, we are evaluating the intranasal form and are considering offering this to our patients. At present we are preparing to stock this drug for use with our patients who would prefer this technique. Yet we do recommend the intravenous drip as it is more standardized and more controlled. So until more experienced is obtained by more doctors we will withhold complete judgement with Spravato. Our medical director has been using Ketamine for over 35 years and has much experience with the drug with patients as anesthetic and used this drug for over 3 years to treat depression, chronic pain and PTSD with very good results.

Strict Monitoring

There are several issues about the new FDA approval regarding Eskatimine ( Spravato). Spravato can increase blood pressure and cause heart rhythm irregularity, so patients have to be strictly monitored with the proper equipment. That means continuous EKG , Pulse Oxygen monitoring and frequent blood pressure. This requires special equipment which most physicians do not have in their offices.

Acute Care Experience and facility

The physicians who administer Eskatamine ( Spravato) should be experienced in acute care meaning trained and experienced in treating emergency cardiac conditions. Most physicians such as family doctors, psychiatrist and others do not have true acute care experience other than taking a basic lifesaving and cardiac course. Surgeons, Anesthesiologist and Emergency room physicians deal with these issues on a regular basis. Those who provide ketamine be it intranasal(Spravato) or Intravenous in their office setting must have complete emergency equipment inducing defibrillators ( or AED) and the proper drugs to treat emergency cardiac conditions. One cannot simply call an ambulance and expect that to solve the problem. They must be capable of emergency resuscitations procedures right in the clinic. Though these complications are very rare the facility that you have ketamine must be capable. We at Ketamine Clinic of Hawaii are staffed with acute care physicians and the equipment to meet the highest standards. If you have questions give us a call or schedule a consultation.

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